Matthew's Page

(updated 8/31/02)

Matt with lizard

Matt "Lizard Hunter" with a Ground Skink he caught.

Fence Lizard

A Fence Lizard that Matt caught. I must admit I don't remember ever seeing one of these. I had to do some searching on the internet to find out what this was (and also the Ground Skink). This picture is better than any that I found on the net.  What we have mostly in this area is a 5 Line Skink (the blue with stripes variety with tails that break off).

This is Matt's pet gecko, "Yellow Strike".  This is a leopard gecko that was bred in captivity at a local pet store. A very docile pet. We were a little reluctant at first to get this as a pet, but it has proven to be a very good pet and easy to care for. It loves to eat crickets, which we buy at the local pet stores.  We have also just tried breeding the crickets ourselves, and have about 75 to 100 small crickets right now. We are hoping they don't escape into the house!

Matt and "Thumper"

Matt with the airplane I flew in the '93 AMA Nationals, "Thumper".  The plane is a Runaround, designed by Dick Hanson.

While visiting relatives in Iowa, Matt playing with the family dog.

Matt and Martha feeding the buffalo.