Hargrave "Flying Tigers"

(updated 3/28/04)

This page is for people associated with Hargrave who have an interest in flying, but particularly for those of us who learned to fly under Doc Spradlin.

If you have not heard, the airstrip at HMA has been closed.  The strip has not been used much in a while, and HMA needed a PG football practice field.  Reasons cited were the cost of insuring an airstrip, the non-use of the airstrip, and the cost to build a sports field somewhere else on campus.  

I would like to find pictures of N6587W.  If anyone has any good pictures, email me.  If you have any pictures you would like to have posted here, let me know.

If you would like to share your HMA flying experiences here, send me an email.  I hope we can schedule some sort of reunion once a year, possibly a fly-in somewhere.  I may start some sort of online newsletter if there is enough interest.  We can share our "Doc stories" with one another to help keep his memory alive.  Please, pass the word around to anyone you know of that might be interested.

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