Hargrave Military Academy

Class of '76

25th Year Renunion

The class of 1976 had its 25th year reunion during the 2001 Alumni weeked.  Of the 60 cadets that graduated, 19 attended the reunion.  I was very glad to see so many of my classmates again, several of which I had not seen since we graduated.


Sadly, two of the class of '76 are not with us anymore.  Richard Huizenga passed away several years ago, and Hiram Saunders died from a heart attack.  Guys, we miss you a lot. You are in our minds and our hearts.

Above is a picture of some of the class of '76, while we were waiting for the parade.  On the left is Brad Sorrells, talking to Fernando Manrique.  Brad was the class agent for this reunion, and did a GREAT job getting everyone together.  He even had T-shirts printed up with "Hargrave" on the front, and all the names from the class of '76 on the back.  Fernando is a pilot in the US Airforce, flying KC135 tankers.  In front of Fernando is Jimmy Wheeler (aka "Slim") and standing right behind him is John Carpenter.  In front of Jimmy, looking away from the camera, is Ken Taber, talking to John Garner. (For most of the photos on this page, click on the photo for a larger image).

Another shot of the guys.  (From left to right) On the left is John Garner, behind him (and acting characteristically!) is Rick Riley.  Next is Chuck Dodson, way in back in the blue shirt is Tommy Watts. Jeff Bowling is looking to the side, and just in front of him is Dan Paganini.  In the middle is Brad Sorrells, and to his left is John Carpenter.  Bill Gatewood is in front talking to Paul Shelton.  Paul's first year at HMA was in 1976, and Bill (aka B.B.) was his company commander.  Paul is now teaching at HMA.

This is a picture of myself on the left, Mike Brevoort in the middle, and John R. "Tripp" Smith on the right.  Tripp is trying to hide his belly behind his digital camera.  He needs a bigger camera! <grin>

This shot was taken during the picnic lunch under the tent.  (left to right) Brad Sorrells, Mike Brevoort and he wife Lee, John Garner and his children.  Before this shot was taken, we were sitting at the table with Garrison Hupp and Carl Burke.

The new tennis courts, VERY NICE. This is located where the old baseball field used to be, down in "the hole".  The track and football field are out of the picture on the left.  On the right is a paved street that goes out behind the Walter Davis gym.

So, they moved the baseball field to Robinson field.  This is a collegiate quality baseball field, costing around $250,000.  Robinson field, however, was an intramural field and a practice field for the football program.  Unfortunately, they needed more space for these.

So, they closed the airstrip and planted goal-posts.  This is progress, I guess, but to me this is a sad sight.  I, as many other cadets, learned to fly out of this strip, in N6587W.  However, Doc Spradlin (god rest his soul) is no longer around, and there is no one to take his place, to "be the spark-plug" for the flying program.  The 'strip had not been used much in recent years so I guess it was a logical choice.

Not much change can be seen in this picture.  This is "Company Street" looking across the faces of Camden and Cosby buildings.  In the background is the Cheatham Chapel.

This shot is from the track, looking at the end of Sanford Hall.  Sanford is under a huge restoration effort.  The tower on the end is new.  As I understand it, the auditorium will be fully renovated.  I am not sure what is happening to the basketball court downstairs.

This was the room that Mike Brevoort and myself shared on Barracks 7.  The desks are much nicer than we had, and it looks like most cadets have computers -- a sign of the times.  Looking into the room, however, was like looking back in time.  We immediately started recalling lots of things that happened while we were at Hargrave.  Lots of memories.

Every year Hargrave turns out another group of young men and women, better prepared for the world they are about to enter.  "Mens sana in corpore sano".  To paraphrase Carl Burke, "Every class thinks it is unique.  However, the shenanigans are the same, just the faces are different".  I guess that is true from his viewpoint, but from my viewpoint there is not another class like the

Class of '76.

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