Pictures shot during the December ice storm. We lost power for three days (seemed like a lot more!)

I like to prepare for things like this. I have two generators, emergency lighting, jugs for storing extra water, etc.  The small generator ran flawlessly, and only burns about a quart an hour. It can run the refrigerator, a small tv, a small lamp, and the aquariums.  We also have a fireplace insert with a fan, and we had no problem keeping warm.  We tried to make the whole experience fun for our son, so we did things like cook over the fire.  The only real inconvenience was not having hot water for a shower.  (Hey, I'm working on it!)  We heated a pot of water on the outdoor grill so we could wash dishes, and kept a small pot of water on the wood stove.  The large generator was needed for running the water pump.  The large generator had problems which I later determined was carburetor icing, so I only ran it when we needed water.  I did end up rigging a way to provide carburetor heat, but need to build some sort of permanent setup.

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Trees of all sizes came down. Hardest hit were the pine trees, since the freezing rain would stick to all the pine needles.  This is a shot looking down the street where one large pine tree uprooted and fell across the street.  This was the morning after.

A shot down the same stree two days after the ice storm.  One of the neighbors had cut the tree so it would not block the street.

This is a tall thin pine in our front yard. At one point it was bent all the way over and was touching the ground. Luckily, we had just had several trees taken out of our yard just a few months before, so we had no damage to anything other than our back fence.

Some people were not so lucky. This house, at the entrance to our subdivision, had roof damage from this large pine that fell on the house. Several houses had damage. We were very lucky.