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Before I put up my generator, I thought I would take a picture of my makeshift carb heat.  During the recent ice-storm, the electricity went out.  I had problems with the generator that I determined was carb ice.  All pilots know what carb ice is!  In this case I ran some dryer vent tubing from the cylinder head to the carb.  The warm air blowing off the head would blow around the tube and into the carb intake, raising the temp of the incoming air enough to prevent icing.  I will probably come up with a better arrangement than this, but this was the quickest thing I could think of to get the generator going.

A train track south of Clarksville, VA. Obviously it has not been used in a while.  I thought it was an interesting shot.

Cleaned out some stuff from my Mom's house.  Ran across my old darkroom equipment.  Above is the enlarger and darkroom light.

These are the trays used to develop prints.  Dektol, stop bath (acetic acid), and Fixer.

I used black-and-white film (PlusX Pan film) and I rolled my own film from this bulk film dispenser. In the back is the developer tank into which I would place the film for developing.  As I recall, I used D76 developer.

Was kinda neat to find this old stuff.  I have not used it in probably 20 years. I have gone completely filmless now.