Pictures shot during the past couple of months. Click on the pictures for a larger image.

I recently had some trees removed from my property. I called my friend Jay McAbee since he has done excellent work for me before. Below is a shot of the expert at work.

I had several oak trees that were a decent size, so I called Chris, another friend of mine, that mills his own lumber as a hobby. He has a large Stihl saw with an Alaskan milling attachment. It took a little longer than he had planned! 

Below is a shot of Falls Lake near my house. Pretty neat shot with the sun reflecting off the water.

The Bay Leaf Fire Department held an open-house recently. This is a shot of their large ladder truck.

Went fishin' recently. The water was very muddy in the Tar River, so I did not think we would catch anything. The catfish were biting like crazy!  Two big ones got away (I have witnesses!).  One of them bent the hook! The one in this picture weighed 5.5 lbs and was 29 inches long. The one that got away was at least 8 lbs.  Caught using my home-grown crickets and 4 lb test line.  We did not have a net, so we improvised!

The local cub scout pack had a popcorn sale to generate some income. Matt sold the most at over $600.

Neat shot of a "Writing Spider" as we call them. They get that name because of the way they seem to write in the web, as seen in the picture below.