Joe Nall 2006

The Joe Nall Airshow is absolutely AWEWSOME!  Planes as far as you can see. In the picture above, you see only a small fraction of the flight line. In the background is the pond from which they fly float planes and run a few boats. There was also a site where foamies on 2.4 ghz were allowed to fly.

This shot is looking up the north end of the flightline. Behind the trees are many trailers and campers.

This is a shot of a HUGE B-29 model that was flown by Mac Hodges. It carried a scale X-1 model which was dropped in flight. The X-1 model has a functional rocket motor that was fired in flight!  After the drop, Mac flew some aerobatics with the B-29, performing a flat spin, loops, rolls, and even an inverted pass down the runway.

This is a huge bipe, with Matt standing next to it for scale. The top wing comes up to his elbow!

Drake and Dane Edwards posing with their P-51 Mustang, which they flew many times.

Dane flying, while Drake spots. The sky was very busy, and a spotter was mandatory to avoid midairs. I saw several close calls, but no midairs during the day I was there.

Absolutely beautiful F-86 from Bob Violet Models. Real jet turbine propulsion, it flew with authority.

Manny, another RDRC member, preparing to fly his (what else!) P-47.

Matt wanted to meet Mark Leesburg, and he was able to. Mark spoke with Matt for a few minutes, then offered to let Matt have some stick time on one of the large models. At first we thought it would be this 50% Pitts bipe, but that wasn't to be.

When Mark went to the flightline, the guy from Flying Giants found out that Mark was going to let an 11 year old beginner fly his plane, the next thing we knew Matt was being interviewed on a live webcast!

Then the Joe Nall announcer, Bob "Mouth of the South" Sadler got in on the action. Matt was a celebrity!

Matt on center stage, flying a 100cc Dalton Aviation Extra 260.  Mark talked Matt through some basic manuevers.

While Matt was flying, he was being filmed and photographed by several people.

This is the plane flown by Matt. Dalton Aviation Extra 260, DA 100 engine. The plane was owned by A. J. Russo.