Bob's Recreational Vehicle Page

Updated 6/4/05


My camper, a 1995 Coachmen Catalina Sport, 275QB.

 It is 28' long, sleeps 5-6 with a walk-around queen bed in the back.  Not a bad rig, although it has its shortcomings.  I acquired it from my Dad, I am the third owner.  It had about 14,000 miles when I acquired it in 2002.  

I have made a few changes/improvements since then. I recently replaced the original tires, they were 10 years old and had started cracking in the sidewalls. Let me say right now that 10 years is way too long for a set of tires. Six years is about the most you should put on a set, especially on a heavily loaded vehicle like this.  On recommendations of other RVers ( I decided to go with Michelin XPS Ribbed tires.  The old tires were load range D, the new ones are load range E.  The load range D tires were operating close to their rated maximums, I figured the higher load range would give me some added safety margin.  Also, the Michelin XPS series have steel sidewalls, which (in my opinion) help with the handling on the road -- less side-side flex.  I also have some projects/gadgets worth mentioning, which I have listed below. (I will add pictures/descriptions as I get a chance).


Extend-A-Stay.  A fitting added to the propane tank that allows it to connect to external devices.

Convertor Upgrade.  Changed out the old Magnetek ferro-resonant type convertor to a new Progressive Dynamics PD9145 with Charge Wizard module.

Extended Tire Valve stems.


Craftsman clamp-on AC/DC meter.

Ozark 12v Fan.

Refrigerator Fan.  A must!!!

Radio Shack Voltage/Temperature monitor.

Water Filters.